By submitting donation to L2 Red Sun, you agree that you are NOT entitled to receive anything from us, though, rewards will be given to those who have donated as a thank you for your continued support.

This form of donation is completely voluntary and it is used to improve L2 Red Sun.

By submitting a donation you agree to the seven terms presented in the following statements:

  • You will not attempt to recall your donation to L2 Red Sun.
  • You will not dispute the charges from your voluntary donation to L2 Red Sun.
  • You understand that this is a voluntary donation and it is not refundable or disputable at any time or any reason.
  • Any attempt to fraud donation system will lead to permanent removal of your account(s).
  • Being a donator do not give you any privelege. You will be threat just like any other player.
  • If reward received in response to a donation or donation(s) was stolen/lost/misplaced/dropped in game,we will not be held responsible for its recovery.
  • If you do not agree to these terms, do not send in a donation. By sending a donation, you agreed to this Agreement.